Pulsation Dampener

Air Pulsation Damper

Technical spec.:

  • Volume: 0.1L-100L (larger volumes can be customized)

  • Rated pressure: plastic: 1.0MPa, metal: up to 31.5MPA

  • Connection type: threaded, flanged, quick coupling, etc., can be customized

  • Optional insulation jacket

  • Standard equipped with pressure gauge


  • Housing material: stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, PP, etc.

  • Pressure gauge configuration: PP diaphragm pressure gauge, stainless steel shock-resistant pressure gauge.

Product Description

Air pulsation dampers are sealed containers that use compressed air within the container to provide cushioning. Air pulse dampers have a simple structure and are relatively inexpensive, their biggest disadvantage is that the compressed air gradually dissolves into the medium, causing the compressible air to become less and less effective in cushioning. To maintain their effectiveness, air pulse dampers must be periodically removed from the equipment and the medium inside must be drained to ensure that the internal space is clear. As a result, maintenance can be somewhat troublesome during use, making them suitable for systems that do not require high cushioning requirements. A simple method for selecting the volume is to multiply the volume of each stroke (in milliliters) by 26, which yields the minimum volume capable of reducing 90% of the pulses.

Size Chart for PVC Air Pulse Dampers

ModelVolumeMaterialShell diameterShell heightHeightConnection SIZE
RXMZ-KP0.5/1.00.5LPVC75205355RC 1/2"
RXMZ-KP1.0/1.01.0LPVC90295445RC 3/4"
RXMZ-KP2.0/1.02.0LPVC110385535RC 1"
RXMZ-KP3.0/1.03.0LPVC140405555RC 1-1/4"
RXMZ-KP4.0/1.04.0LPVC140455605RC 1-1/4"
RXMZ-KP5.0/1.05.0LPVC161475625RC 1-1/2"

Size Chart for Stainless Steel Air Pulse Dampers

ModelVolumeMaterialShell diameterHeightConnection size
RXMZ-KS0.5/2.5(5.0/10)0.5LSS304/316L89195RC 1/2"
RXMZ-KS1.0/2.5(5.0/10)1.0LSS304/316L108215RC 3/4"
RXMZ-KS2.0/2.5(5.0/10)2.0LSS304/316L108380RC 1"
RXMZ-KS3.0/2.5(5.0/10)3.0LSS304/316L140355RC 1-1/4"
RXMZ-KS4.0/2.5(5.0/10)4.0LSS304/316L140440RC 1-1/4"

Remarks:The above volume and connection methods can be customized according to requirements. Carbon steel material can also be used. The product can be made with or without pressure gauge according to requirements. The rated pressure of the product with metal material can be customized up to 31.5MPa.

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