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What are the accessories of a metering pump

A metering pump is a pump that can accurately measure the amount of liquid added. By combining with related accessories, it can perform better. Recently, many customers have inquired about what accessories are available for metering pumps. Understanding these accessories correctly and mastering their corresponding installation and usage methods can effectively improve the stability of the transportation process. Therefore, the following content related to metering pumps is provided for reference by Zhongcheng Pump Industry.

 Accessories of metering pumps can play an important auxiliary role in actual working conditions. They can effectively improve the metering accuracy of the metering pump, slow down the aging rate of the pump, and optimize the operating environment, etc., which is of great significance to maintain the stability of the transportation process. So, let's learn about the accessories of metering pumps.

1. Pulsation dampener: When a metering pump eliminates fluid, it inevitably produces certain pressure and fluctuations. If not treated, it will cause frequent pulses. Therefore, a pulsation dampener is needed to alleviate and stabilize the metering pump. After installation above the pump outlet, it can effectively reduce the impact generated by the motion system and protect the pipeline.

2. Y-type filter: As the name suggests, it is used to filter out fine particle impurities in the medium. When installed at the inlet of the metering pump, it can avoid the accumulation of foreign objects in the pump cavity and cause blockage. High-quality filter structures have advanced and reasonable design and have the characteristics of low resistance and strong sewage discharge when in use.

3. Flow retention column: It needs to be installed vertically at the front end of the metering pump, and can determine and improve the flow accuracy of the metering pump.

4. Back pressure valve: It needs to be installed at the end of the dosing pipeline. Its function is to maintain the pressure stability during the operation of the metering pump, thereby stabilizing the flow rate. It can prevent the medium from flowing or siphoning under the action of gravity.

5. Check valve: It can be installed on the pipeline at will. Its function is to prevent the medium from flowing back, and it is also called a non-return valve or a reverse stop valve.

Above, we briefly introduced the accessories of metering pumps. It should be noted that the pulsation dampener needs to be used in conjunction with the back pressure valve. The two can effectively improve the pressure fluctuations of the system pipeline, which is of great significance for prolonging the service life of pipelines and joints.

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