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Common Causes of Instability in Metering Pumps

As a small flow precision transport equipment, the metering pump should be very stable during actual use. If it is found to be unstable during use, with problems such as flow fluctuations, abnormal vibration, and inaccurate metering accuracy, it is necessary to stop the pump and check the problem. Here are several common causes and solutions for unstable metering pumps summarized by Zhongcheng Pump Industry.

Blockage inside the pipeline: the common causes include condensation and precipitation of the medium, especially for transporting chemical agents. These liquids may crystallize after flow stops, and even food and beverages may deposit foreign substances. If the pipeline is not cleaned in time after pumping, the internal flow passage will be narrowed, leading to blockage. The solution is simple: it is recommended to clean the pipeline after each pumping job to avoid residual medium.

Abnormal pressure caused by component damage: usually caused by air leakage or clogging of the filter screen. It can also be caused by loosening or damage of the connection or pipeline seal of the pump, allowing air to enter the pump chamber, affecting the pressure formation, and making it impossible for the liquid to be suctioned and discharged normally. The corresponding solution is to vent through the exhaust valve.

Premature component failure due to harsh working conditions or operational errors: any pump product has a service life, and reasonable regular maintenance can effectively maintain performance without deterioration. When using a metering pump, a regular maintenance plan should be formulated based on the usage environment and frequency to avoid component aging. During use, if there are operational errors or unexpected working conditions causing component damage, it will have an obvious impact on the operating status. It is recommended to regularly inspect components such as diaphragms, oil seals, check valves, and inlet filters.

The above content explains what's wrong with the unstable metering pump. It can be seen that by doing necessary maintenance work and paying attention to the correct usage, this type of pump product has considerable service life and stability. Even if there are difficult-to-solve problems, professional technical support can be sought directly from Zhongcheng Screw Pump Industry.

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