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Micro Pressure Reducing Regulating Valve

The micro pressure reducing regulating valve adopts a single-stage diaphragm pressure reducing structure and uses rubber or PTFE diaphragms for pressure transmission. It is designed specifically for micro pressure applications, with stable output pressure. It is mainly used in small flow, medium flow gas and liquid systems. It can also be used as a nitrogen seal valve at the top of a storage tank to keep the gas pressure inside the tank stable and within a safe range, usually in conjunction with a nitrogen vent valve.

Technical Spec.:

Pressure sensing form: Diaphragm type

Pressure gauge interface: 1/4" NPT internal thread or M14*1.5 internal thread

Interface size:1/8"-2"

Connection method: internal thread, flange, clamp, quick coupling, etc.

Operating temperature: -20-140℃ (customizable for high temperature)

Outlet pressure range: 0-10KPa, 0-30KPa, 0-50KPa, 0-100KPa


Valve body, valve stem, spring seat material: SS304 or 316L stainless steel

Spring material: 65Mn (can be customized with stainless steel)

Valve seat O-ring: Fluorine rubber, perfluoroether, etc.

Valve seat sealing pad: PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, etc.

Diaphragm: PTFE, NBR, fluorine rubber (can be customized according to requirements)


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