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  • 2023-03-25 14:35:27 Micro / Ultra-micro Low Flow Back Pressure Valve

    The micro-pressure back pressure valve is designed with a single-diaphragm structure using rubber or PTFE diaphragm for pressure transmission. It is specifically designed for micro-pressure requirements and provides stable inlet pressure for high-flow liquids and gases. The valve body and diaphragm adopt a soft sealing form and can be installed at the top of the storage tank as a pressure relief valve or nitrogen release valve.

    Technical Parameters:

    • Pressure sensing type: Diaphragm
    • Pressure gauge interface (optional): 1/4" NPT internal thread or M14*1.5 

    • Internal thread:  Interface size 1/8" - 4" internal thread, flange, clamp, quick coupling, etc.

    • Operating temperature: -20 - 180℃

    • Pressure resistance:  Maximum 6 bar

    • Pressure adjustment: 0-10KPa; 0-30KPa; 0-50KPa; 0-100KPa


    Valve body, valve core, spring seat: SS304 or 316L stainless steel, PVDF, lined with fluorine, Hastelloy alloy, etc.

    Spring:  65Mn,stainless steel

    Valve seat seal: Fluorine rubber etc.

    Diaphragm: PTFE, NBR, fluorine rubber, metal diaphragm

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