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Flow Calibration Column

Flow calibration columns are widely used for flow calibration in metering pumps and dosing systems, and can accurately calibrate the flow output of the metering pump. Flow calibration columns are also called flow calibration tubes, calibration columns, or calibration tubes. They are usually installed at the inlet of the metering pump, and the output flow of the pump is calculated by measuring the volume of liquid extracted by the metering pump over a certain period of time.

Technical Spec.:

Structure: Jacketed type, non-Jacketed type, and fixed screw type

Volume: 20ml-40L, customizable as required

Connection type: Thread, flange, quick fitting, etc.


Transparent tube material: Transparent PVC, organic glass, quartz glass, high borosilicate glass, etc.

Liquid contact material: PVC, stainless steel, carbon steel, PVDF, etc.

Jacketed material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. (customizable)

Selection of Flow Calibration Columns

The selection of a flow calibration column is determined based on the pump's flow rate and the required calibration time. For example,

 if the pump's flow rate is 60L/h and the customer needs to calibrate the flow for 0.5-1 minute, the calculated flow rate per minute should be

 60L÷60=1L. In this case, a calibration column with a volume of 1L can be selected.

Instructions for Using Flow Calibration Columns

To use the calibration column, first fill it with the medium until the liquid level in the column reaches the maximum scale. Then, close other inlet valves and

 open the valve between the calibration column and the pump, allowing the pump to draw only the medium from the calibration column. Start the pump 

and start timing. Carefully observe the volume of the liquid in the calibration column that decreases within the specified time, and compare it with the 

theoretical volume. Based on this comparison, analyze whether the pump measures accurately during operation and adjust the pump's accuracy as needed.

Our company's flow calibration columns can be made into different models with different volumes according to customer requirements. The connection 

method can also be customized according to customer needs. The calibration columns we produce are mainly made of three materials: UPVC, organic glass, and stainless steel, which can meet most of the corrosion resistance requirements.

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