Back Pressure Valve

PVDF Series Back pressure valves

The purpose of Back Pressure Valves is to improve the efficiency of chemical feed systems by providing a steady back pressure to the chemical dosing pump. These valves find extensive application in various industries, such as chemical, water treatment, and laboratory. Furthermore, they are compatible with different kinds of corrosive liquids and even air.

Technical Parameters of PVDF Series Back Pressure Valves:

Diaphragms: PFTE / EPDM

Product Body: PVC,PVDF, carbon steel, SS304,SS316L

Adjustable pressure: 0-0.3MPa,0-1.0MPa

Connection type: Thread / Flange,  can be customized

Product Description

The back pressure valve functions as an anti-siphon valve, preventing liquid from flowing or siphoning due to gravity. It can also reduce flow due to siphon and regulate pressure fluctuations. Anti-siphon valves ensure that water flows in one direction only.

Key features of the back pressure valve:

  • Equipped with a diaphragm structure spring for adjustable pressure

  • Only the lower valve body and the diaphragm come into contact with the medium, with an assembled sealing rib for excellent sealing effect and high sensitivity

  • The EPDM lining PTFE with cloth type diaphragm provides exceptional sealing and a long service life. The PTFE diaphragm has superior performance in high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Connection typeThread, flange etc. and can be customized
Adjustable pressure0-0.3MPa,0-1.0MPa
Safety test pressure1.5 times the maximum input pressure
Applicable temperature-5℃ to +80℃ for EPDM lining PTFE diaphragm
-5℃ to +80℃ for PTFE diaphragm
Available materials
Materials for Lower valve bodyPVC,SS304,SS316L,PTFE,PVDF,PP,carbon steel etc
materials for diaphragmEPDM lining PTFE diaphragm,PTFE diaphragm
Material for upper valve bodyPVC,carbon steel(nickel plated,black oxide etc.), SS304,SS316L

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