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Petrochemical Industry

The role of metering pump accessories in the petrochemical industry is primarily to achieve accurate metering and control during petrochemical production processes. Common metering pump accessories include back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, pulsation dampeners, flow calibration columns, Y-type filters, pressure gauges and so on.

Back pressure valve: In oilfield chemical transportation, the use of back pressure valves can ensure accurate flow and pressure control, preventing chemical loss and unnecessary leakage.

Pressure relief valve: In the oilfield chemical processing and transportation process, pressure relief valves can be used to reduce system pressure and decrease pipeline pressure, preventing pipeline rupture and fluid leakage.

Pulsation dampener: In petrochemical production processes, pulsation dampeners can be used to reduce pulsating flow in the system, preventing the medium in the pipeline from generating shear force and vibration, thereby improving production efficiency.

Flow calibration column: The main function of flow calibration columns in the petrochemical industry is to calibrate and test metering pumps to ensure accurate flow and pressure control.

Y-type filter: In the petrochemical production process, Y-type filters can be used to filter impurities and particles in the medium, preventing pipeline and equipment blockage and wear, ensuring production stability and continuity.

Pressure gauge: Pressure gauges can be used for pressure monitoring and control in the petrochemical production process, ensuring system stability and safety, preventing pipeline and equipment rupture and leakage.

metering pump accessories in the petrochemical industry

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