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Industrial Water Treatment

Metering pump accessories play an important role in industrial wastewater treatment in the field of environmental protection. By working together with metering pumps, these accessories enable accurate and precise dosing of chemicals into the wastewater treatment process.

The back pressure valve, relief valve, pulsation dampener, flow calibration column, Y-strainer, and pressure gauge are some commonly used metering pump accessories in industrial wastewater treatment. The back pressure valve helps maintain a constant pressure in the chemical feed line, ensuring that the correct amount of chemical is delivered into the treatment process. The relief valve protects the system from overpressure and releases excess pressure when necessary. The pulsation dampener reduces pulsation and vibration in the chemical feed line, which can improve the accuracy of chemical dosing. The flow calibration column is used to accurately measure the flow rate of the chemical solution, while the Y-strainer filters out any debris or particles that could clog the chemical feed line. The pressure gauge provides real-time monitoring of the system's pressure, allowing operators to make adjustments as necessary.

Overall, the use of metering pump accessories in industrial wastewater treatment helps ensure that the proper amount of chemicals are being added to the treatment process, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment system while reducing the environmental impact of wastewater discharge.

Wastewater Treatment Industry

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